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After more than two decades spent in the litigation arena, we know all too well the toll a contentious dispute or drawn-out lawsuit can take on participants — even the ones who win.  Luckily, there is a better way.  At Yellowstone Mediation, we help people arrive at a fair, voluntary agreement to end their dispute once and for all — usually in a matter of days.

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We have broad experience.  We work hard always to carefully understand your situation.  We can help you find a solution.


Brad was instrumental in creating a process in which the parties could achieve a mutually acceptable resolution of a very complex dispute.  Key to this success was Brad’s patience and optimism, and his ability to listen and establish rapport with all parties. Brad worked with perseverance to keep the parties talking in pursuit of their common goal of resolution. This commitment was vital to the successful result.

Grant Curry, White and Steele, P.C. - Denver, CO

I would recommend using Brad to any attorney working a detailed and/or complicated case.  He is, as his ad describes, calm and tireless. I would not hesitate to use him again on any case.

Stephanie M. Humphrey, The Nick Carter Law Firm, P.C. - Gillette, Wyoming

Brad is as strong and effective as any mediator out there, anywhere.  In my experience Brad is relentless in his analysis and in his working with both sides.  He has the curiosity and the intellect to dig deep into your case and get to the core issues—sometimes the ones you don’t even want to see…  He is creative and will not give up even in the most challenging negotiating circumstances.  All traits of an excellent mediator.

Tyson Logan, The Spence Firm, LLC - Jackson, Wyoming

Brad has mediated all kinds of cases for my clients, from straightforward to complex.  His ability to be creative, his keen sense of when to listen and when to push and a great understanding of the law combine to make him uniquely skilled in the art of resolving disputes. 

Tim Stubson, Crowley Fleck, PLLP - Casper, Wyoming

Brad went above and beyond in our last mediation. He was well prepared, worked late into the night trying to settle things, and then continued contact with counsel and the parties during the weeks following the mediation in an attempt to get the matter resolved.  He does not give up easily, and he isn’t afraid to use creative solutions.  

Molly H. Dow
, Lonabaugh and Riggs, LLP
 - Sheridan, Wyoming

When you engage Brad to assist in mediating a dispute, you need to know that several words are needed to describe him. Effective. Thorough. Tireless. Persuasive. Relentless. And Understanding all come to mind. It is such a pleasure working with Brad especially on the most contentious and difficult matter that we, from time to time, encounter.

Dan B. Riggs, Sheridan, Wyoming

I was thoroughly impressed with his hard work and preparation before we even stepped foot in the mediation.  I felt that he went above and beyond in preparing to help the parties resolve the case and that contributed to a successful result.  His mediation style and skill were exactly what both sides needed to help settle a difficult and high stakes case.

Grant H. Lawson, Lawson Law, LLC - Casper, Wyoming

We were involved in the mediation of a sensitive and difficult case with Brad.  He was thoughtful, patient and very well prepared.  The case was settled.  I think all parties left feeling a wise decision had been made.  Brad is an elite mediator.

Jim Phillips, Phillips Law - Evanston, Wyoming

Divorce is hard and painful on so many levels.  By having Yellowstone Mediation handle this difficult event, they were efficient and kept us focused on getting through the divorce.  It saved us months of agony, time and extra expense. Because of Brad and his staff’s expertise – they are the reason we maintained civility throughout the process and kept a foundation to work together to raise our kids after the decree was signed. 


I have used Brad as a mediator several times – from cases involving relatively simple issues to lawsuits involving catastrophic injuries, multiple parties, and complex questions of law and fact.  He is always well-prepared and professional.  Brad establishes himself as a person all parties can trust, and finds common sense approaches to bring the parties together.  He has resolved cases I was sure were destined for trial. 

Andy Sears, Murane & Bostwick, LLC - Casper, Wyoming

I recently used Brad’s services to mediate a difficult case in which the parties were hundreds of thousands of dollars apart and had little hope of settling.  However, thanks to Brad’s skill, creativity, and perseverance we were able to reach a reasonable and fair resolution.  I would recommend Brad to anyone in need of an excellent mediator.

Kevin K. Kessner, Yonkee & Toner, LLP - Sheridan, Wyoming

My firm has mediated a number of cases with Brad and the folks at Yellowstone Mediation. They are consistently; very professional, very smart and, very effective. Brad works hard, not just up to and through the mediation itself but also, in the instance of those cases which do not settle on the day of mediation itself, following up afterwards and working with the parties to come to an agreement.

Robert L. Stepans, Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans, PLLP - Jackson, WY