See first-hand what our clients have to say.

“Brad has, for many years, been on my short list of the most effective mediators in Wyoming.  He knows how to talk to people, he understands what motivates people, and he earns trust during the mediation process.  His demeanor and preparation are consistently excellent, so I know I can count on his best effort with every case.”

— John W. Fairless, Lambdin & Chaney, LLP – Denver, CO

“Brad is a fantastic mediator and has successfully resolved many cases with very difficult dynamics.  Brad is knowledgeable in a wide array of areas of the law, giving him credibility with both professional clients and long-time litigators alike.  He has an innate ability to put clients at ease and get them to trust the mediation process.  I personally have recommended Brad to counsel throughout the state of South Dakota and believe him to be one of the best mediators I have worked with.”

— Katelyn A. Cook, Gunderson Palmer Nelson & Ashmore, LLP – Rapid City, SD

“We have a very difficult and complex case, with millions of dollars on the line, and a dead father of three as the claimant estate.  We have previously mediated the case before a federal magistrate with no success.  Brad jumped into the case about one month before trial.  At this point, approximately 25 motions were pending, and the legal and factual issues were extremely complex.  The parties were millions of dollars apart.   Brad made insightful inquires before the day of the mediation to lay the groundwork for his success on the day of the mediation.  His mastery of the complex legal and factual issues was superb.  His ability to bring three parties with very diverse counsel and views of the case- the task seemed impossible.  Yet he was able to resolve the case.  I have used at least one hundred mediators in my 35 years.  I would rate Brad at the top of all those mediators.  I can recommend him without qualification.  There are very few mediators for whom I would write this recommendation.”

— Randall Nelson, Nelson Law Firm, PC – Billings, MT

My firm has mediated a number of cases with Brad and the folks at Yellowstone Mediation. They are consistently; very professional, very smart and, very effective. Brad works hard, not just up to and through the mediation itself but also, in the instance of those cases which do not settle on the day of mediation itself, following up afterwards and working with the parties to come to an agreement. Working with Brad, it is apparent he believes very much in the process of mediation- and his dedication to the process is demonstrated by way of his impeccable preparation, easy way with clients and, an excellent instinct for determining where the sweet spot of the negotiations of a given case lies and what it will take, from and for both sides, to get that case resolved.

— Robert L. Stepans, Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans, PLLP – Jackson, WY

Brad went above and beyond in our last mediation. He was well prepared, worked late into the night trying to settle things, and then continued contact with counsel and the parties during the weeks following the mediation in an attempt to get the matter resolved.  He does not give up easily, and he isn’t afraid to use creative solutions.”

— Molly H. Dow, Lonabaugh and Riggs, LLP
 – Sheridan, WY

We were involved in the mediation of a sensitive and difficult case with Brad.  He was thoughtful, patient and very well prepared.  The case was settled.  I think all parties left feeling a wise decision had been made.  Brad is an elite mediator.”

— Jim Phillips, Phillips Law – Evanston, WY

“Brad handled our relatively complex mediation with decorum, tact and creativity.  Surprisingly, he had both parties in the same room for the bulk of the day.  This unusual approach was precipitated by good dialogue between the parties.  We settled 3 of the 4 items – the latter had always been viewed as not ripe more mediation, but was ordered by the court nonetheless.  I would not hesitate to use Brad again, he showed a comprehensive knowledge of the facts, an ability to get both parties to see the other side’s positions, strengths and weaknesses and was able to suggest creative deal points to get a negotiated settlement.  Top notch work.”

— Stefan J. Fodor, Fodor Law Office, P.C. – Jackson, WY

I have been practicing in Wyoming for fifteen years and have used a great many mediators in that time. This summer, I had two significant personal injury cases—one with multiple plaintiffs–that were both coming down to the wire.  Brad was able to fit both cases in very quickly and helped both sides avoid unnecessary pretrial costs.  Not only did he fit both cases into his already busy schedule, he was extraordinarily prepared.  He knew even the smallest of details of the case.  Each of my clients were fond of him, noticed his patience, and were impressed that he knew so much about their cases, both legal and personal. 

I would recommend using Brad to any attorney working a detailed and/or complicated case.  He is, as his ad describes, calm and tireless. I would not hesitate to use him again on any case.

— Stephanie M. Humphrey, The Nick Carter Law Firm, P.C., Gillette, WY

“During a recent court proceeding, the opposing side requested that we suspend litigation and engage in mediation. I contacted Brad Bonner at 6 p.m. After he agreed to help, he studied voluminous information into the night and began the mediation the next morning at 9 a.m. Through Brad’s quick grasp of the facts, his accurate analysis, thoughtful insights, and ability to articulate various paths to resolution, a successful mediation was achieved by 7 p.m. that night. Both sides of this highly contentious litigation were very grateful for Brad’s success.”

— Stephen L. Simonton – Cody, WY

“Brad’s thoughtful approach, to both the factual and legal issues involved, allowed both sides the opportunity to work towards a resolution that they could accept.”

— Donald Sommerfeld, Attorney – MT

“Brad is at the top of my list of mediators and also the top of my list of professional and prepared attorneys.”

— Defense Attorney – WY

“Going into the mediation, my husband and I were nervous, not knowing what to expect. We had a chance to visit with Bradley Bonner and get to know him a little before the mediation. I can’t say that it was an easy process, but I was very impressed with the way that Mr. Bonner worked and how he helped both parties in our case see the perspective of each side. Because of that, my husband and I gained a deep respect for him and the mediation process.”

— Audrey Pryor – Hyattville, WY

“I would recommend Brad Bonner as a mediator in any case of mine. He is prepared, cordial, thoughtful and creative. He listens and, invariably, he had already anticipated each party’s position.”

— Rob Shively – Casper, WY

“Brad works on settling a case before, during, and sometimes after the scheduled mediation session. His diligence and dedication are second to none. I will use him every given opportunity!”

— Devon O’Connell, Pence and MacMillan LLC – Laramie, WY

“I recently used Brad’s services to mediate a difficult case in which the parties were hundreds of thousands of dollars apart and had little hope of settling. However, thanks to Brad’s skill, creativity, and perseverance we were able to reach a reasonable and fair resolution. I would recommend Brad to anyone in need of an excellent mediator.”

— Kevin K. Kessner, Yonkee & Toner, LLP – Sheridan, WY

“I was involved in a brutally difficult case involving angry clients all around, difficult facts and difficult law. In a last-ditch effort to avoid a protracted and obscenely expensive trial, I reached out to Brad, frankly thinking that mediation was worth a shot, but not being optimistic. To the shock of everyone in the room, Brad was able to find enough common ground to painstakingly work through a settlement. Brad brought a fresh perspective, and was creative and patient enough to get us all to a positive result. It’s an honor to have worked with him.”

— John Masterson, Welborn Sullivan Meck & Tooley, P.C. – Casper, WY

“As in-house counsel for a national health care provider, I am in mediations across the country every week and see a lot of different mediators.  There are a lot of components to being a good mediator, and Brad is one of the best. He has mediated a variety of claim types for my clients (professional liability, commercial, general liability, auto) and handled claims at every stage of litigation (even pre-suit claims with unrepresented claimants).  His preparation before the mediation is second to none, he stays focused on the case in breakout sessions rather than devolving into small talk, he has the right temperament to push parties without offending them, he thinks out of the box for settlement solutions, and he never gives up even well after the mediation is over.  My experience has been, if a case can be settled, Brad can get it done.”

— David M. Clarke, SavaSeniorCare Administrative Services, LLC – Atlanta, GA

“Litigation is hard. Brad has been a litigator, so he knows the personal, emotional, and financial investment the parties have placed in their case. He has a way of making clients feel comfortable in placing their trust and care in his judgment.

We have resolved several cases that would not have been settled but for Brad’s involvement. In the end, the clients were better served by engaging in mediation.

You can expect that Brad will be thoroughly prepared. Under pressure and in unique set of facts, he has the answer to deadlock. His results speak for themselves.”

— Kenneth E. Barker, Barker Law Firm, LLC – Belle Fourche, SD

“Brad is uniquely prepared for every mediation. He takes time to get to know the facts, the parties, and the lawyers beforehand. And he goes the extra mile during the mediation to educate the parties, to put people at ease, and to get a deal done. Whenever a case is ripe for mediation, Brad is the first person I think of.”

— Douglas W. Bailey, Bailey Stock Harmon Cottam Lopez LLP – Cheyenne, WY

“Brad has mediated all kinds of cases for my clients, from straightforward to complex.  His ability to be creative, his keen sense of when to listen and when to push and a great understanding of the law combine to make him uniquely skilled in the art of resolving disputes.”

— Tim Stubson, Crowley Fleck, PLLP – Casper, WY

“Brad is as strong and effective as any mediator out there, anywhere.  In my experience Brad is relentless in his analysis and in his working with both sides.  He has the curiosity and the intellect to dig deep into your case and get to the core issues—sometimes the ones you don’t even want to see…  He is creative and will not give up even in the most challenging negotiating circumstances.  All traits of an excellent mediator.”

— Tyson Logan, The Spence Firm, LLC – Jackson, WY

“Brad was instrumental in creating a process in which the parties could achieve a mutually acceptable resolution of a very complex dispute.  Key to this success was Brad’s patience and optimism, and his ability to listen and establish rapport with all parties. By encouraging us to keep at the discussion despite our differences, he supported the parties in reaching a resolution consistent with our sense of integrity and enabling each of us to turn our full attention back to productive work.  Brad worked with perseverance to keep the parties talking in pursuit of their common goal of resolution. This commitment was vital to the successful result.”

— Grant Curry, White and Steele, P.C. – Denver, CO

“When you engage Brad to assist in mediating a dispute, you need to know that several words are needed to describe him. Effective. Thorough. Tireless. Persuasive. Relentless, and Understanding all come to mind. It is such a pleasure working with Brad especially on the most contentious and difficult matter that we, from time to time, encounter.”

— Dan B. Riggs – Sheridan, WY

“I have used Brad as a mediator several times – from cases involving relatively simple issues to lawsuits involving catastrophic injuries, multiple parties, and complex questions of law and fact.  He is always well-prepared and professional.  Brad establishes himself as a person all parties can trust, and finds common sense approaches to bring the parties together.  He has resolved cases I was sure were destined for trial.”

— Andy Sears, Murane & Bostwick, LLC – Casper, WY

Divorce is hard and painful on so many levels.  By having Yellowstone Mediation handle this difficult event, they were efficient and kept us focused on getting through the divorce.  It saved us months of agony, time and extra expense. Because of Brad and his staff’s expertise – they are the reason we maintained civility throughout the process and kept a foundation to work together to raise our kids after the decree was signed.”

— Anonymous

I was thoroughly impressed with his hard work and preparation before we even stepped foot in the mediation.  I felt that he went above and beyond in preparing to help the parties resolve the case and that contributed to a successful result.  His mediation style and skill were exactly what both sides needed to help settle a difficult and high stakes case.”

— Grant H. Lawson, Lawson Law, LLC – Casper, WY

“Brad sees the big picture better than almost anyone I know. He is extremely prepared and doesn’t just deal in the abstract. What was reassuring was Brad’s broad experience and legal knowledge. In a recent mediation, there was an issue of law that I was sure nobody else had figured out — it was the first issue out of Brad’s mouth. There is no substitute for smart.”

— Mel C. Orchard, III, The Spence Law Firm, LLC – Jackson, WY

“Brad is always well prepared when he comes into a mediation. His down-to-earth demeanor and approach in dealing with the litigants easily assist them in seeing the benefits of compromise and risk elimination and serves as a springboard for diffusing the typical client desire to continue the fight. Brad comes into mediation armed with the knowledge of the law and the underlying facts and achieves good results because he exhibits that knowledge. I recommend him without reservation.”

— Joey Darrah, Darrah Law Office, PC – Powell, WY

“Brad has an unparalleled ability to relate to participants in a mediation. This allows him to understand not only the issues involved in the case, but the dynamics between participants. Brad utilizes these abilities to fashion creative solutions that will be agreeable to both participants. His solutions are not only creative, but often times new to the participants. Moreover, Brad can apply these abilities to any case, no matter the parties, no matter the complexity.”

— Codie D. Henderson, Davis & Cannon, LLP – Sheridan, WY

“We were impressed with Mr. Bonner’s mediation skills. Not only was he professional, but when we thought we had reached a point of impasse, he thought outside of the box and helped the parties reach a creative solution. We will definitely recommend him to others.”

— Amanda K. Roberts, Lonabaugh and Riggs, LLP – Sheridan, WY

“For 18 years, I have worked with Brad Bonner on numerous legal challenges or litigation. I can easily say Brad has been the best legal council I’ve worked with over my 39-year banking career. He is an excellent communicator and negotiator and has consistently been able to avoid lengthy and expensive litigation which has saved my bank owners a substantial amount of legal expense and stress. I am therefore not surprised to see Brad offer mediation as one of his services. He truly has a gift for finding a resolution to very tough and complex situations.”

— Doug Nissen, President of 1st Bank – Evanston, WY

“Brad agreed on very short notice to assist with a long-pending, high-stakes dispute just weeks from the trial. Brad’s work was exceptional. He immediately identified the controlling issues and focused his efforts on addressing them. Brad listened carefully and, when he identified that one side’s anger was based on a misunderstanding, he took the unconventional step of bringing the parties’ face-to-face. As a result, the misunderstanding was clarified and a path to the settlement was cleared. Later, when the negotiations bogged down, Brad dug in and never gave up. Just when it appeared that resolution was not possible, a deal was reached. In all, I was very impressed. I have worked with many mediators over 31 years of practice. Brad fits comfortably into the very top tier of those with whom I have had the privilege to work. I look forward to Brad’s help on future cases.”

— Mikel L. Moore, Moore, Cockrell, Goicoechea & Axelberg, P.C. – Kalispell, MT