For those who are not attorneys or otherwise familiar, we will work with you to schedule mediation at a convenient time for all concerned. We mediate cases at our offices in Cody and Sheridan (check out About Us), but our service is not limited to our locations. If you are involved in a dispute elsewhere and would like assistance, we will travel and also can make arrangements for a mediation location.  Prior to mediation, we ask parties to submit information which we use to learn about the case and prepare. We then work with the parties to design the mediation format. There isn’t a single, set format. In most cases, the participants and the mediator meet together at the beginning, but this does not always happen. We discuss the process, ask questions, and allow each participant to offer comments if they wish. Then usually the parties move to separate spaces for private meetings with the mediator where information is kept confidential. Generally, offers and counteroffers arise out of these meetings as the parties work to resolve their dispute. Once an agreement is reached, each participant signs a written document, acknowledging agreement to its terms.