What is mediation?


Mediation is a negotiation process where parties in a dispute are assisted by a neutral third party — a mediator — to reach a solution to their problem. Importantly, the parties themselves decide the outcome during mediation — not the mediator. The mediator's job is to facilitate a safe, confidential conversation and a decision-making process.

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How does mediation work?


Most disputes arise and continue because of poor communication. Mediation brings disputing parties together in a safe and confidential setting and helps them communicate better. Each participant gets an opportunity to tell his or her side of the story and also to hear what others have to say. As this occurs, the parties often learn [...]

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What does the process look like?


For those who are not attorneys or otherwise familiar, we will work with you to schedule mediation at a convenient time for all concerned. We mediate cases at our offices in Cody and Sheridan (check out About Us), but our service is not limited to our locations. If you are involved in a dispute elsewhere and [...]

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What are the benefits of mediation?


The biggest benefit to mediation is the avoidance of a long, drawn-out legal battle. Inherent in this is not only a savings in terms of time and emotional pain, but a significant savings in money. Clearly, this is especially true when the parties elect to hire a mediator prior to hiring lawyers and beginning litigation [...]

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What kinds of cases lend themselves to mediation?


We mediate a broad spectrum of cases.  To get a better sense, take a look at the representative cases in the our Services section.  If you have questions about whether a particular type of case is right for mediation, feel free to give us a call.

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What does mediation cost?


Each party to a mediation pays a non-refundable administrative fee, which currently is $125. Then, unless the parties agree otherwise, all fees and out-of-pocket costs for services provided are split evenly between the parties to the mediation. This includes time spent by the mediator working before, during or after the scheduled mediation session.  Our hourly [...]

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How do I go about setting up a mediation?


Just call our office at 307-586-4135.  Alex will help find a date that works for all parties involved. While our mediation practice is very busy, we do our best to schedule mediations so the dispute can be solved as quickly as possible.

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What should I expect during my mediation?


The mediator generally meets with everyone in the same room at the beginning of the day.  Sometimes, there are reasons we don't all meet together – it depends on the circumstances.  The mediator then settles the parties in separate rooms and goes back and forth between them, asking questions, exchanging offers and generally working to [...]

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Are mediations confidential?


Yes, mediations are confidential by law. No information is divulged to the other party unless the mediator has permission to do so. At the end of mediation, we do not maintain a file. All confidential material is shredded.

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