Domestic Relations

Representative Cases

Complex Divorce

A husband and wife decided to divorce after 30 years of marriage.  The parties were shareholders in major corporations, beneficiaries of multiple trusts and recipients of significant inheritances.  Following a lengthy mediation, we helped the parties amicably resolve their case with a fair arrangement to unwind their many complex connections.

Child Custody

We helped resolve a dispute involving a couple embroiled in a bitter, nasty divorce and child custody dispute. After a long day of good, solid work, they left YM around 6 p.m. with a mutually agreed-upon divorce and child custody settlement agreement. More importantly, they left with a clear path and plan for how they respectfully would go forward caring for and loving their young children.

Divorce Nicely (divorce without lawyers)

More and more, husbands and wives are opting for a divorce process where they choose not to hire individual lawyers, but instead to engage in a divorce process with Yellowstone Mediation serving as a neutral third party.  We call it “divorcing nicely.”  Almost always, the parties find this way saves them money, time and stress and allows them to preserve important relationships with children and families.

Let’s find a solution, together.