Representative Cases

Business Disputes

The parties were involved in a transaction for the purchase and sale of a profitable snowmobile and motorcycle distributorship. The deal went sideways over alleged fraudulent transfers and concealment of assets. We helped the parties reach a settlement that properly accounted for the financial dealings and allowed them to end their lawsuit and dispute.

Real Estate Disputes & Transactions

The Buyer and Seller in a multi-million-dollar cattle ranch sale sued each other over disputes about money, cattle, land, leases and personal property. We helped the parties reach a settlement that allowed them to complete their sale under specific negotiated terms acceptable to all concerned.

Partnership Dissolutions

A surgery center was embroiled in a contentious and expensive lawsuit against surgeons who were part owners of the center. The multi-party case also involved disputes over physician non-compete agreements. We helped the parties reach a settlement that involved financial payments, limited liability company buyouts and releases of non-compete obligations. The settlement allowed all of the parties to dismiss their lawsuit and move forward with the dispute beyond them.

Complex Bankruptcies

A bank that made a multi-million-dollar loan sued the defaulting borrower and accused the borrower of fraudulently transferring and concealing funds and assets pledged to the bank as collateral. The borrower sought Chapter 11 protection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. We helped the parties resolve the dispute through an arrangement, approved by the bankruptcy court, that provided for recovery of assets at issue and repayment of the bank loan on terms acceptable to the parties.

Farm and Ranch

A family built and developed a large cattle ranch over several generations. Absentee family members complained about a sibling’s operation of the ranch and claimed the resident sibling had not accounted properly for company revenues and expenses. We helped family members sensibly divide ranch assets – including land, cattle and money — in a way that permitted them to repair relationships and preserve their family ranching legacy.


A general contractor installed a $400,000 window package that included three-story windows with views of the Tetons. Just after installation, the windows began to burst, sending large shards of glass to the floor below.  We helped resolve the dispute between the homeowner, general contractor and manufacturer that involved the manufacturer, based in Poland, building, delivering and installing replacement windows.

Trusts and Estates

An estranged adult child brought suit against the trust estate of his deceased parent. The plaintiff alleged amendments to his elderly parent’s trust were legally invalid because the parent had lacked the mental capacity to sign them. Mediation provided an opportunity for the parties to discuss a voluntary agreement for distribution of the estate.

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