Organizations and Institutions

Representative Cases

Wrongful Termination

A disciplined employee subject to termination by a Federal agency initiated a complaint process prior to filing a lawsuit.  Yellowstone Mediation held a settlement conference involving the agency’s district manager and the employee in question.  Following the mediation, the employee returned to her position and was not dismissed.  The parties reached agreement on a clear set of performance expectations and open lines of communication.

Workplace Discrimination

A medical testing company rescinded an offer of employment to an employee after corporate managers learned the employee was deaf.  The company rescinded the offer because it asserted the employee could not hear certain workplace safety alarms and therefore could not perform the essential functions of the position.  The employee sued, alleging the offer rescission constituted illegal workplace discrimination in violation of Federal law.  We helped the parties resolve the dispute through a confidential financial settlement and dismissal of the lawsuit.

Employee Disputes

We helped resolve a dispute involving two employees who were valuable to their employer but could not cooperate in a productive capacity. The mediation process helped both employees appreciate each other’s point of view. Along with the employer, we helped the parties reach some new working arrangements that permitted them to successfully continue their employment.

Leadership Assistance

We assisted an organization to resolve internal disputes among a group of employees and its leadership team. The mediation provided an excellent and safe forum for the parties to candidly discuss and constructively work through their issues without fear of retaliation.

Government Entities and Agencies

We worked with a group of landowners and multiple governmental agencies to resolve problems and issues relating to land use, access, regulation and law enforcement.  Our role was to help facilitate the discussions in an organized and productive manner so the parties could achieve lasting and meaningful goals.

Labor Disputes

Several employees in one department of a large institution were embroiled in a stressful organizational dispute.  We worked with the institution and the employees to sort through the issues and reach a consensus concerning how the employees could continue to work together.

Let’s find a solution, together.

Let’s find a solution, together.