Representative Cases

Catastrophic Burns

We helped resolve a dispute involving a wildland firefighter who suffered severe burns from an equipment malfunction on the job. Successful mediation of this case ensured the lifetime of lost wages and medical bills to this firefighter were taken care of.

Automobile Collisions

The dispute involved a highway collision between an 18-wheel semi and a pickup truck. The driver of the pickup suffered significant injuries and losses. There were tricky questions as to who was at fault. After months of litigation, our mediation process offered a safe setting for the parties to reach an agreement for fair compensation to the injured driver.

Wrongful Death

One wheel on an 18-wheel semi traveling 65 miles per hour disconnected from the truck, crossed the center line and collided head-on with the elderly driver of a car. The woman was killed due to the force. We helped the parties reach a fair settlement for compensation to the family of the deceased. The mediation provided the added special benefit of repairing relationships among siblings who previously were mourning the loss of a loved one without each other’s help.

Medical and Dental Malpractice

A 45-year-old man died suddenly following administration of a Fentanyl duragesic patch after back surgery. The family sued the hospital and the physician who prescribed the medication. At mediation, we helped the parties reach a settlement for confidential financial compensation. Additionally, the settlement included provision for policy changes and training concerning administration of opioid medications, including Fentanyl.

Negligent Administration of Medication

The elementary school nurse mistakenly administered 10 times the appropriate dose of a child’s medication. The child was life-flighted for urgent medical care. We helped settle the lawsuit between the family and the school district. In addition to a fair financial settlement, the mediation provided the setting for the nurse to be able to make a tearful apology to the child’s parents, who tearfully and graciously accepted.

Insurance Disputes

Following a serious auto accident, the injured party was involved in a lawsuit with his own insurance company concerning underinsured motorist benefits contained in the automobile insurance policy. We helped the parties resolve the dispute and avoid a contentious and lengthy trial.

Sexual Harassment

A female hospital manager sued the hospital and its CEO, alleging sexual harassment by the CEO in violation of state and federal law.  We helped the parties reach a confidential settlement that included provision for detailed training in workplace harassment.

Nursing Homes

The husband of a deceased elderly woman sued a nursing home in which his late wife, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, was assaulted in the nursing home. We helped the parties reach a confidential financial settlement that also included policy and procedure improvements for increased security and broadened employee education and training.


A private residential treatment center sued three former patients, claiming the patients had published numerous false and defamatory statements about the institution.  Following a mediation, the parties entered into a private agreement that provided for dismissal of the lawsuit and removal of certain published statements.  The agreement allowed the defendants to keep in place a private Facebook Group that was a closed to the public.

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